Facilitating Innovation Workshops

All innovation projects will have workshops of one kind or another. Unless an external facilitator (like Zephram) is being used, it will be up to the product manager or innovation manager to plan and run them. 


Innovation workshops are expensive events, and a lot may depend on their results. The workshop facilitator thus bears a large responsibility.


The seminar is aimed at product managers, engineers and others who are tasked with facilitating workshops within the innovation process.

The participants learn the principles of facilitating workshops and have engaged in the preparation of one as it would be carried out professionally for a client. They are able to apply the knowledge gained when facilitating innovation workshops in their own organizations.


In this seminar, we show how Zephram designs and facilitates an innovation workshop for a typical client project. The topics include

  • Setting the workshop goals
  • Idea generation
  • Filtering and selecting ideas
  • Facilitating discussions
  • How to develop ideas
  • Typical pitfalls
  • Psychological and political issues
  • Workshop formats
  • Pre- and post-production

This seminar lasts (at least) two days. On the first day, the principles are introduced. On day two, we carry out an innovation workshop with the participants, explaining as we go along how the principles from day one are being applied.


This seminar is similar in scope and intent to Designing Idea Workshops, and the two can be successfully combined.