Value Proposition Design

The Value Proposition is at the core of every business model and is the first thing that must be decided for any new product or service. 


The Value Proposition shows prospective customers the benefit they will obtain from purchasing a particular product or service. A good Value Proposition addresses the customers’ needs, differentiates the product from the competition, and helps to direct product development.


The seminar is aimed at product managers or startup founders. Its goal is to help them understand the role and significance of Value Propositions. They are able to formulate compelling Value Propositions that match customer needs and differentiate their products from the competition.

If requested, the participants have developed an initial version of the Value Proposition for their own product or service.


The Value Proposition seminar includes the following topics

  • What is a Value Proposition and why is it important?
  • Value Propositions and customer needs
  • Relating the Value Proposition to product features
  • Your Value Proposition and the competition
  • Formulating Value Propositions

Upon request, we can integrate the client’s own product or service into the seminar agenda.