Process Optimization

Process optimization is an essential tool for maintaining operative competitiveness. Waste, bureaucracy, delays, errors and many other factors can degrade the performance of a business process, and it is essential to periodically detect and remove them.


In saturated markets and with commodity products, process efficiency becomes a key factor for winning contracts and maintaining market share and profit margins. Idea workshops can be used to discover opportunities for reducing costs and delays or for improving quality and performance.


This seminar is aimed at process and quality managers. Its goal is to provide them with tools to use in workshops with front-line process experts such as shift leaders and production managers to maintain performance and efficiency of the processes for which they carry responsibility.


The seminar covers the following topics:

  • Principles for reducing process costs
  • Principles for improving process performance
  • Integrating these principles into workshop scripts
  • Evaluating and selecting ideas for process streamlining
  • Common pitfalls and difficulties
  • Pre- and post-production