Idea Production

The seminars in this category cover the generation, evaluation and selection of ideas for specific innovation tasks such as new product innovation or process optimization. Each of these seminars provides specific guidance and techniques for the given situation. In addition, we also offer a seminar with the well-known generic ideation methods.


Designing Idea Workshops

Idea workshops can be used to generate ideas for patents, products, business models and many other purposes. In this seminar, we reveal how Zephram designs and facilitates their workshops based on more than ten years experience in the field.

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Process Optimization

With commodity products and services, productivity and cost reduction are key determinants of competitiveness. Idea workshops help to discover opportunities for improving performance, streamlining processes and reducing expenditure.

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Product Improvement

In order to remain competitive, products and services require constant improvement. In this seminar, we explain some of the most effective methods for generating ideas for product innovation and the essential factors in evaluating them.

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Invention on Demand

Technology-based corporations use Invention on Demand workshops to maintain the competitiveness of their patent portfolios. This seminar explains how to generate inventions that meet both business and patent office requirements.

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New Products and Services

Idea workshops generate directions for growth via new offers, both through diversification and within existing markets. This seminar presents specialized ideation tools as well as key criteria for idea evaluation and selection.

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Standard Creativity Methods

In addition to the specialized seminars on idea generation, evaluation and selection for specific business situations, we also offer training in the standard creativity techniques such as Six Hats, Osborn checklist and 6-3-5.

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Innovation Management

These seminars are designed to help innovation managers and product managers deal with specific situations in the early stages of the innovation process. In addition, we offer a quick, practical introduction to innovation management for beginning innovation managers and product managers who are still unfamiliar with the innovation process.

Managing Innovation Projects

Innovation projects are temporary initiatives for achieving specific innovation goals. This seminar explains the front end of innovation process and the factors on which its success depends, including political and psychological considerations.

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Value Proposition Design

The Value Proposition is a key determinant of the competitiveness of any product or service. This seminar shows how to develop unique, customer-oriented Value Propositions that maximize the likelihood of commercial success.

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Business Model Optimization

The business model is a blueprint for creating value. Its performance is determined by a small number of key factors. In this seminar, we explain these factors and show how they may be systematically adapted to improve overall competitiveness.

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Workshop Facilitation

All innovation projects involve workshops of one kind or another. They are expensive events, and a lot may depend on their results. It will often be up to the product manager or innovation manager to prepare and facilitate them.

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Innovation Strategy

These seminars deal with selected business situations in which innovation plays a critical role. In some cases this role is to take advantage of an opportunity, while in others it is a tool for improving performance or addressing a threat.

Escaping the Commodity Trap

Commoditization threatens established companies, as competitive advantage slowly erodes and customers switch to cheaper alternatives, leading to a price war. In this seminar, we show how innovation can be used to escape from the trap.

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Servitization is an innovation strategy for manufacturing companies that can enable growth, closer customer relationships and protection against competitors. In this seminar, we explain how to recognize and exploit servitization opportunities.

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Open Innovation

In this seminar, we explain the most common type of open innovation project: the joint innovation initiative with a key customer. This type of project can intensify customer relationships, stabilize revenue and enhance the supplier’s standing.

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Lean Innovation

Established companies are now starting to adopt this “Silicon Valley” approach to new product innovation. It provides a structure for unifying customer needs, business model and product development, which can reduce both expenditure and risk.

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Business Modelling

The business model is the blueprint for creating value for any business venture, and developing a better business model can increase competitive advantage. This seminar shows how this can be achieved.

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