Open Innovation

The most common type of open innovation project is the joint customer/supplier innovation initiative. Here, a supplier works together with an important customer to develop ideas for future products that will be produced by the supplier and that improve the customer’s competitive position.


Joint innovation projects can upgrade and intensify a supplier’s relationship with a key customer and secure them an additional, stable source of revenue.


This seminar is aimed at key account managers, sales managers and innovation managers in B2B companies who need to intensify their relationship with an important individual customer. They understand the potential benefits of joint innovation projects and are able to develop a convincing proposal for the management of both partners.


In the seminar, we cover the following aspects of customer/supplier innovation:

  • What is customer/supplier innovation?
  • How can it benefit both parties?
  • Examples of successful projects
  • How to convince a customer to participate
  • Executing the joint project
  • Checklist of Dos and Don’ts