Lean Innovation

The Lean Startup movement has revolutionized the management of early-stage startup companies. Established companies are now starting to embrace this “Silicon Valley” approach to innovation and to adopt its practices in their own innovation initiatives.


Lean Innovation is a management roadmap for new product innovation. It provides a structure for determining customer needs, designing an appropriate business model and guiding product development. It enables the uncertainties associated with new ventures to be managed and can significantly reduce the market risk.


This seminar is aimed at product and innovation managers. It explains how traditionally managed corporate innovation projects carry substantial, but avoidable risks. The participants understand the Lean approach to innovation and its benefits for product development, and can assess whether or not it is appropriate for their own particular situation.

  • The Silicon Valley crash in 2001 and the Lean Startup movement
  • Hypothesis-based entrepreneurship and the build-measure-learn loop
  • From Lean Startup to Lean Innovation
  • Agile development and Lean Innovation
  • The startup rulebook for product development
  • When Lean Innovation is appropriate (and when it is not)