Innovation Strategy and Goals

These seminars deal with selected business situations in which innovation plays a critical role. In some cases this role is to take advantage of an opportunity (for example Servitization and Open Innovation), while in others innovation is a tool for improving performance or addressing a threat (for example Lean Innovation and Escaping the commodity trap).

Escaping the Commodity Trap

The commodity trap threatens established companies as competitive advantage slowly erodes and customers switch to cheaper alternatives leading to a deadly price war. In this seminar, we show how innovation can be be used to escape from the trap.

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Servitization is an innovation strategy for manufacturing companies that can enable growth, closer customer relationships and protection against competitors. In this seminar, we explain how to recognize and exploit servitization opportunities.

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Open Innovation

In this seminar, we explain the most common type of open innovation project: the joint innovation initiative with a key customer. This type of project can intensify customer relationships, stabilize revenue and enhance the supplier’s standing.

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Lean Innovation

Established companies are now starting to adopt this “Silicon Valley” approach to new product innovation. It provides a structure for unifying customer needs, business model and product development, reducing both expenditure and market risk.

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Business Modelling

The business model is the blueprint for creating value for any business venture. The competitiveness of a business model is determined by a small number of key factors, and business model optimization can mean the difference between success and failure.

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