Innovation Management

The majority of the seminars in this category are aimed at innovation managers and product managers and are designed to help them deal with specific situations in the early stages of the innovation process. These include Business Model Optimization, Value Proposition Design, and Workshop Facilitation.

The seminar Managing Innovation Projects  is designed specifically for beginning innovation managers and product managers who are still unfamiliar with the innovation process and need a quick, practical introduction.

Value Proposition Design

The Value Proposition is a key determinant of the competitiveness of any product or service. This seminar shows how to develop unique, customer-oriented Value Propositions that maximize the likelihood of commercial success.

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Managing Innovation Projects

Innovation projects are temporary initiatives for achieving specific innovation goals. This seminar explains the tasks in the front end of innovation process and the factors on which its success depends, including political and psychological considerations.

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Business Model Optimization

The business model is the blueprint for creating value whose performance is determined by a small number of key factors. In this seminar, we explain these factors and show how they may be systematically varied and combined to improve overall competitiveness.

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Facilitating Innovation Workshops

All innovation projects involve workshops of one kind or another. They are expensive events, and a lot may depend on their results. It will often be up to the product manager or innovation manager to prepare and facilitate them.

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