Idea Production

The seminars in this category cover idea generation, evaluation and selection. Although we include a seminar with generic methods, most of the products deal with individual business situations such as new product innovation or value proposition design. Each of these seminars provides specific guidance and techniques for the given situation.

The key to effective idea generation is to use well-designed changes of perspective.

Based on years of experience

Of course, we can also do standard creativity techniques

Idea evaluation is greatly underestimated, difficult, pitfalls

problem-specific conditions and quality criteria, psychological and organisational factors

Designing Idea Workshops

Idea workshops can be used to generate ideas for patents, products, business models and many other purposes. In this seminar, we reveal how Zephram designs and facilitates their workshops based on more than ten years experience in the field.

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Process Optimization

With commodity products and services, productivity and cost reduction are key determinants of competitiveness. Idea workshops help to discover opportunities for improving performance, streamlining processes and reducing expenditure.

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Product Improvement

In order to remain competitive, products and services require constant improvement. In this seminar, we explain some of the most effective methods for generating ideas for product innovation and the essential factors in evaluating them.

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New Products and Services

Idea workshops generate directions for growth via new offers in both new markets and existing segments. This seminar presents some of the many specialized ideation tools available as well as the key criteria for idea evaluation and selection.

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Standard Creativity Methods

In addition to the specialized seminars on idea production, evaluation and selection for specific business goals, we also offer training in the well-known generic creativity techniques such as Six Hats, Osborn checklist and 6-3-5.

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Invention on Demand

Technology-based corporations use Invention on Demand workshops to maintain the competitiveness of their patent portfolios. This seminar explains how to generate inventions that meet both business goals and also the formal requirements of the patent office.

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