idea engineering seminar

Idea Engineering – Learn Professional Idea Production

Ideas are the raw material of innovation. Idea Engineering helps you produce them.

Idea Engineering is a scientifically founded approach to idea production that is…

  • goal-driven,
  • efficient,
  • reliable.

Idea Engineering has been successfully applied in a multitude of industries to inspire ideas for patents, marketing strategies, new products and many other types of innovation.

The Idea Engineering Seminar

The Idea Engineering seminar is a training course in generating and evaluating ideas. It is based on a 14-week course developed at the University of Magdeburg which we have distilled into an intensive two-day program. The methods we use have been validated through more than ten years experience helping companies such as Daimler, Siemens, Microsoft and BASF with their innovation projects.

We believe this seminar is the most effective training in idea production that is currently available.


Methods for generating ideas were born when Alex Osborn established the rules for brainstorming in his 1954 book Applied Imagination. All the methods commonly used today were developed in the 1970s and 1980s. However, scientific research into ideation has continued, and there are many more recent research results that can significantly improve the effectiveness of idea production.

Idea Engineering research at Zephram and the University of Magdeburg began in 2005 with the goal of making idea production reliable, efficient and effective. We took the few truly useful ideation methods such as Analogy Building and Assumption Reversal and developed them further, and we apply them in the innovation projects that we carry out for our customers.

Target Audience

The Idea Engineering seminar is aimed at professionals who facilitate idea workshops that have to meet the highest expectations regarding efficiency and output quality. Our target audience therefore consists primarily of…

  • Product managers and innovation teams
  • Innovation managers and idea managers
  • R&D engineers
  • Freelance facilitators
  • Marketers

Seminar Overview

The seminar is designed to fill two complete days. The content may vary according our clients’ needs, but almost always includes the following core components:

Day 1:

  • How ideas are generated
  • The three modes of ideation
  • Group idea generation
  • Application to a client problem
  • Psychology and politics

Day 2:

  • How to develop an idea
  • Evaluating and selecting ideas
  • Achieving consensus
  • Application to a client problem
  • Common pitfalls

We offer the Idea Engineering seminar in both English and German. The seminar can be combined with Designing Ideation Workshops for a three-day event.


With our target audience of innovation professionals in mind, we have designed the Idea Engineering seminar to achieve the following three measurable results:

  • Participants can design their own creativity techniques to meet their specific, individual needs.
  • Both the efficiency and the effectiveness of participants’ ideation workshops improve significantly.
  • The participants’ personal ability to generate ideas increases substantially.


What This Seminar Is Not

The Idea Engineering seminar is unlike standard training programs in creativity techniques, and therefore does not cover the usually seen topics. In particular, we do not discuss…

  • methods that are not, in fact, ideation techniques at all, like the “Six Hats” and “Disney” methods,
  • weak ideation methods like the “6-3-5” method and free brainstorming,
  • simplistic evaluation techniques like PMI and dot voting.

Customers who are interested in learning this more traditional and popular content can find it in our seminar Standard Creativity Techniques.

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