Examples of Idea Engineering in Use

We list some examples of client projects.

  • Invention on Demand: Help the development department of an international corporation come up with patentable ideas for capital goods.
  • Diversification: Help a service company in a highly regulated market find opportunities for new offers in new markets.
  • Commoditization: Help a company in the building materials sector come up with ideas for getting their premium product out of the commodity trap.
  • New Product Marketing: Help an automobile manufacturer prepare for the transition to electric automobiles.
  • Long-Term Strategy: Help a healthcare company develop a long-term business development strategy.
  • Green Production: Help an automobile manufacturer reduce the ecological footprint of their primary factory.
  • Protect Market Share: Help an SME in the consumer goods industry find new products to protect their market share.
  • Applications of a New Technology: Help a leading manufacturer of industrial machinery explore the possibilities of a new technology.
  • Servitization: Help an industrial good manufacturer to find opportunities for adding services to their portfolio.
  • Sales Training: Help a world-leader in the chemical industry train their sales force to conduct innovation-oriented customer interviews.
  • Process Optimization: Help a world-class technical services company streamline their operations at various locations around the world.
  • Winning a Contract: Help a service-provider win a valuable RFT with a key customer.
  • Innovation Team Training: Train the new innovation team of an international industrial goods manufacturer to set up an innovation process.