Designing Idea Workshops

Idea workshops are a core element of any innovation initiative. They can be used to generate ideas for patents, products, business models and many other purposes.


Internally-hosted idea workshops are often simple “brainstorming” meetings, but standard brainstorming is probably the least effective method there is for generating new ideas. When the result of an idea workshop is crucial for the progress of an initiative, a more professional approach is needed.


The objective of this seminar is to enable participants to design and facilitate effective idea workshops. With its two-day format, participants have the opportunity to apply their new knowledge by designing and facilitating their own idea workshop under our guidance.


On day one, we explain the principles Zephram uses to design and facilitate an idea workshop for a typical client project. The topics include

  • Setting the right workshop goals
  • Selected idea generation techniques
  • Making ideas “evaluatable”
  • Evaluating and selecting ideas
  • Important facilitation principles
  • Common pitfalls to avoid
  • Designing media and materials
  • Pre- and post-production

On day two, participants design and create their own idea workshop (with our help, of course):

  • Structuring the workshop
  • Selecting techniques
  • Writing the script
  • Creating work materials
  • Facilitating the workshop
  • Review and lessons learned
  1. This seminar lasts a minimum of two days.
  2. For customers with specific needs, this seminar can be extended to also cover specialized idea production techniques such as New Product Innovation or Process Optimization.