Business Model Optimization

The business model is the blueprint for any new business venture, and a strong business model can be a significant competitive advantage. 


Just like products and services, existing business models can become out of date and require an upgrade. In addition, the success of a new product or service may depend at least as much on the quality of the business model as it does on the product itself.


This seminar shows startup founders and product and innovation managers a broad perspective on business models including- but not limited to –  the popular BMC template. They know the criteria that characterize strong business models and are able to apply them to models of their own products and services.

  • Common and uncommon ways to describe business models
  • Finding better alternatives for the key components
  • Synergies and antisynergies
  • Successful examples of business model innovation
  • Criteria for good business models
  • Experimenting with business models